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Volume Licensing for Tweaking Toolbox XP

Volume Licensing enables you to receive a substantial discount when ordering multiple licenses. For custom licensing deals, please contact us by sending email to: sales@TweakingToolbox.com.

Tweaking Toolbox XP Site License

Tweaking Toolbox XP Site License

We also have another option for you available: the Tweaking Toolbox XP Site License. This is the same software, but this time it is not intended to be installed on your Windows XP computers, but instead you can use a version of Tweaking Toolbox XP running from CD-ROM or USB-Flash drive to configure the Windows XP computers at your site.

Tweaking Toolbox XP has an Export / Import function, with this you can set up a configuration (or multiple configurations if you want), export the settings to a file, and then use your Tweaking Toolbox XP CD-ROM or USB-Flash drive on other Windows XP computers to import these settings. This way you can configure multiple systems with very little effort.

The price for the Tweaking Toolbox XP Site License version is $495.00 USD, this includes a choice of either a CD-ROM or USB-Flash drive version. Additional shipping charges will apply.

You can read the Site License End User License Agreement here. Please contact us for further details: sales@TweakingToolbox.com.

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