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Tweaking Toolbox XP has the ability to change hundreds of settings, too many to mention them all here! Instead, why don't you just download the program, and try it for free* for 30-days?

With Tweaking Toolbox XP you will:

Access many hidden Windows registry settings to improve Windows appearance, performance and functionality.

Keep others from changing your settings.

Remove useless clutter (even "unremovable" Windows components).

Make Windows XP work the way you want it to.

Increase Windows security.

And much more...

Some of TT-XP's features include:

Windows XP administrator account can adjust settings for all users on the local machine without logging into each user account separately.

Import / Export Tweaking Toolbox XP Settings.

Lock down Internet Explorer settings & features.

Change or restrict access to hundreds of Windows settings.

Change the time interval of the Internet Time Synchronization feature.

Change or restrict the Windows Start menu and Taskbar.

Restrict access to certain Control Panel functions.

Allow removal of "unremovable" Windows components.

Run only allowed applications, or restrict specific applications.

Change Windows folder locations.

And many more...

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